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C.E.K. & Partners | Atlanta, GA | United States 

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50 years of

Strategic Communications

More than copywriting, we craft stories and establish thought leadership

Does your communication engage and establish leadership?  

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Learn more about how we created content and established thought leadership for a global electronics payment company. 

Communications with a purpose. 


Market leaders are visionary, innovative and strategic with their content creation and overall marketing communications. Leveraging content to establish thought leadership is now a top priority with sales and marketing.


Thought leadership allows brands to educate their industry and elevate their awareness through a systematic approach to delivering relevant topics with a forward-thinking twist, along with solutions. It's more than content creation, it supports an inbound marketing strategy. Our writing lab offers content creation services for world-class brands. 

Helping brands become market leaders.

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Types of Problems We Solve

How do I generate leads while educating buyers?

How do I create content to establish thought leadership?

What's the content creation process for developing our brand story?

How do I develop the right content?

How do I create a website content strategy?

How do I create an inbound marketing strategy?

How do I know what content to serve across the buyer's journey?

How do I develop personas to ensure messaging supports our content creation strategy?

How do I create a leadership video series?

What's the content creation process for developing a white paper? 

Morgan Beard, TSYS

Strategic Marketing Director

"C.E.K. was instrumental in helping us establish a thought leadership program. The content created has changed the company's perception, allowing it to achieve trusted advisor status with the industry and with clients. Carolyn's content creation team mastered complex subjects. Each initiative led to 500-1000 leads generated for the sales pipeline."


Quantitative Survey

Online Bulletin Boards

(UX) Usability Studies

Shop Alongs

Expertise with content creation.


Communications is a core element of marketing. It fuels your brand from the inside and out:

Annual reports

Brand story




Employee communications



Podcast Talking Points

Sales sheets

Sales enablement tools

Social media


Sustainability reports


Website content/copy


And so much more. 

Our Content Creation Services



Brand communication guidelines 

Brand narrative/stories

Brand boilerplates


Case studies 

Content audits

Content creation/copywriting

Content strategy

Digital maketing

Employee communications  

Marketing communication planning

Media relations


Solution sheets

Thought leadership programs


White papers

Ready to position yourself for market leadership?

Want to learn more about our thinking and get tips?