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Establishing a New Employee Benefits Company's Brand


As a new employee benefits brand integrated with Mission Health System, Healthy State's groundbreaking approach needed a brand to match. From brand vision work to articulating its purpose statement and story, C.E.K. & Partners established the brand's core marketing and sales enablement materials.


The materials highlighted the possibilities offered by health benefits with a bigger purpose---to improve the health of individuals and our communities.  

HCA Healhcare's Healthy State Website Design
Healthy State Brochure
Marc Malloy, President and CEO of Healthy State
We chose C.E.K. as our branding and strategic communications agency partner based on their deep expertise.
We didn't need a large agency, but one that would take the time to really understand us, to know us. In time, they grew to know us almost better than we know ourselves!
They led our brand refresh from visioning and creating our marketing communication materials to developing the website. With a refreshed positioning, they swiftly and thoughtfully developed campaigns to build awareness and drive demand. C.E.K. was agile, insightful and incredibly effective.

Marc Malloy, Mission Health System

SVP Health Plan Solutions

President and CEO, Healthy State  

Healthy State annual enrollment campaign

Integrated Marketing Campaign to Build Awareness 

We developed an integrated marketing campaign to build awareness and generate demand for the annual enrollment period. During our limited 60-day window, we used radio, outdoor, print, direct mail, and digital marketing.


The millions of impressions increased website traffic leading to its highest number of website sessions. Overall, leads generated more doubled the previous year’s enrollment.

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