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Market Research

Data and insights  

Market Research

50 years of


Data and insights

Market Research

Do you want to make better informed decisions? 


Market research services powering B2C + B2B brands. 

As a woman-owned market research firm in Atlanta, we capture market, brand and customer data to provide insights that are actionable, enabling brands to make strategic decisions based on data.


Our clients leverage insights from market research across their organizations to support branding strategy, product development, product marketing, content creation and creative campaigns.


Are you ready for a custom designed market research study that provides your team with actionable insights?

Turning data into actionable insights.

We partner with you to custom design market research studies that capture data in a cost effective manner. Data that is critical for your brand staying relevant in today's fast changing and highly competitive environment.


We design market research studies for a range of companies -- Fortune 500 companies, fintechs, healthcare systems, manufacturers, non-profits and retailers.


With qualitative approaches we uncover, beliefs, attitudes and motivations that  help you better understand your brand, customer and competitive landscape.


Whether using your own database or relying on independent sample data, we help you make better decisions with statistically reliable and significant findings.


Strategy is a natural extension of

our research work, whether positioning a brand, establishing its brand identity framework or crafting key messages.

Case studies 

Campaign Development
Targeting Millennial Moms 

Mother and Son

OBJECTIVE: Testing and refining messaging 

Through our partnership with an  award-winning advertising agency, we were engaged to design a body of research for a leading hospital system. The research  focused on testing key campaign messages to understand what would best resonate with moms as they seek out healthcare for their children.


Engaging with moms to discuss their children’s healthcare led to conversations about everything from broken bones to life-threatening illnesses like childhood cancer. These sensitive topics required our team to demonstrate empathy throughout the process, starting with our approach to designing the research, which was comprised of two bodies of work: a quantitative online survey and a qualitative study using an online bulletin board.



The findings and insights from the research study were leveraged to support a campaign to grow unaided awareness and intent to use the brand/health system.  More specifically, it informed a communication and messaging strategy by audience segment and service line. 

Questions research can answer

What are my customers' attitudes and behaviors?

How do I gain customer insights for developing buyer personas? 

How do I map the customer journey?

Will my value proposition resonate with the market?

How do I test my creative campaign or package design before launch?

How will users respond to a new digital experience? Where can we improve it?

How should I position my brand or product?

Which name will work within multiple international markets?

How do I improve the (online or in-store) customer experience (CX)? 

Expertise with the

latest market research 



Examples of types of projects that our market research studies fuel: 


Audience Research

Brand awareness, attitude + usage (AAU)

Brand identity

Brand positioning

Competitive intelligence

Creative testing/package design

Customer experience (CX) design

Customer journey maps

Customer satisfaction level (Net Promoter Score)

Insights for content creation

Market opportunity analysis


Naming/global name evaluation

Patient experience

Persona development

Product concept testing

Tagline validation

Value proposition articulation

Website (UX) usability testing

As a full-service market research firm, we use

both quantitative + qualitative techniques.


In-depth interviews


Focus groups - virtual and in-person


Mobile surveys

Online surveys

Online bulletin boards

Social listening

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