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Purpose-driven brands seeking more than profits perform  better than those without one. 

Jill McRae, Chief Strategy Officer of Anisa

Jill McRae, Anisa

Chief Strategy Officer

"Carolyn and the C.E.K. team were instrumental in enabling our company to build consensus on articulating a clear and compelling purpose. As a 25-year-old contract manufacturing company, we were struggling with bringing our strategy and thinking up to date with modern language and relevant positioning.


The result was new clarity on our vision and mission, as well as new positioning and direction that would help us tell strong brand stories with creative excellence."

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Brand Purpose 

Brands with a powerful purpose connect with people’s hearts. 

Helping B2B companies discover and articulate their brand purpose? 

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Why Should B2B Companies Build Purpose-Driven Brands?  

People want brands to make a positive difference to the world. [1] 


B2B buyers who see personal value reflected in a product will purchase that product. [2] 


Ready to infuse brand purpose

into your B2B marketing?

B2B Brand Purpose


We custom design a comprehensive strategy session to help your leaders at B2B companies build consensus with identifying a company's unique purpose.

Purpose Statement


We strategically guide your team through the discovery process to articulate your company's compelling and unique purpose statement. 

Positioning a

Purpose-Driven Brand

Following our proven analytical approach, we position purpose-driven brands around the positive impact they make to people, planet, and profits.

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