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C.E.K. & Partners | Atlanta, GA | United States 

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Market Research

Data and insights  


50 years of

Market Research

Data and insights

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More About the Value Of Insights 

Do you need customer data and actionable insights?


We capture market, brand and customer insights that are actionable, enabling brands to make strategic decisions based on data. Our clients leverage insights from market research across their organizations to support branding initiatives, product development, product marketing and creative campaigns.


Are you ready for a custom designed market research study or a market analysis from syndicated data?

Market research powering B2C + B2B brands.

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Types of Problems We Solve

What are my customers' attitudes and behaviors?

How do I gain customer insights for developing buyer personas? 

How do I map the customer journey?

Will my value proposition resonate with the market?

How do I test my creative campaign or package design before launch?

How will users respond to a new digital experience? Where can we improve it?

How should I position my brand or product?

Which name will work within multiple international markets?

How do I improve the (online or in-store) customer experience (CX)? 

Jim Caponigro, President + CEO

Goodwill Industries

"I've relied on the C.E.K. team for over 4 years to provide Goodwill Industries of North Georgia with market research solutions.


Their insights and execution are second to none, providing responsive and dedicated resources to help us make informed business decisions. At the end of each project, their firm delivered data and insights that helped us make future predictions."


Quantitative Survey

Online Bulletin Boards

(UX) Usability Studies

Shop Alongs

Expertise with the latest market research techniques.


Examples of types of projects that our market research studies fuel: 


Audience Research

Brand awareness

Brand positioning

Creative testing/package design

Customer experience (CX) design

Customer satisfaction level (NPS)

Insights for content creation

Market Opportunity Analysis


Naming/global name evaluation

Patient experience

Product concepts

Tagline validation

Trend research

Value proposition articulation

Website usability testing


Our Services

Brand Awareness, Attitude + Usage (AAU)

Competitive analysis

Customer journey maps

Data analytics

In-depth interviews



Focus groups (online + in person)


Quantitative surveys

Online bulletin boards




(UX) Usability studies

Voice of customer (VOC)

Voice of sales

Do you make informed decisions? 

Ready to start making decisions based on

 data instead of opinions?


Expertise Matters.


Our approach is rigorous. It leverages the same market research methodologies and techniques we've used at the world’s leading global agencies.


We’ve worked on brand positioning for some the world’s most well-known B2B brands – TSYS, CSM Bakery Products, Digital Insurance, Interface, a U.S. Top 5 Bank and a start-up funded by a Top 15 hospital system.

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