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Hiring a Writer to Create Content? Four Pitfalls to Avoid.

Are you familiar with the best practices with the content creation process? If not, you are not alone. This question is commonly posed to C.E.K.'s content creation team. We're an Atlanta-based B2B brand strategy agency creating content for our clients—from global multinationals to non-profits, start-ups, and thriving local small business. The most common downfall of potentially great content is when brands do not plan for the right resources to support content creation. Read on to learn about the four pitfalls to avoid.

Content Creation Pitfall #1:

Hiring a junior writer who is inexpensive and willing to learn your industry

A junior and inexperienced writer will take time to learn your industry. As a result the learning curve and rounds of revisions could cost more than working with a senior writer or a content creation agency with deep copywriting experience.

A content creation team comprised of senior talent—writers, strategists and former journalists who hold experience across a vast array of brands and writing formats—won’t miss the mark as they seek to understand the content’s objective, strategic alignment with the brand and distinct audience’s needs. As we all have experienced, you get what you pay for.

Content Creation Pitfall #2:

Identifying a traditional copywriter for content creation

A writer is only as good as the roadmap or content creation strategy he or she is provided. Are brand voice and key messaging guidelines provided? Plus, behind every great piece of digital content written—case studies, articles, blog posts, infographics, white papers, video and social media—there should be more than copy. Content creation should be approached with a strategic mindset to ensure that the writing will be relevant and engaging for your audience.

Our formula: strategic planning + writing = relevant and engaging content.

Content Creation Pitfall #3:

Hiring a full-time writer to handle all your content needs

Most B2B brands use an average of 13 types of content (See our post Lucky 13!), with so many different formats of content to produce—blog posts, white papers, social media, video, technical performance guides and infographics to mention a few—do you really want to entrust your content creation to just one person?

Many brands feel compelled to c content, ent experien