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Content Marketing During COVID-19: 6 Practical Questions to Ask.

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While putting people first is critical during these strange times, companies must continue to plan for long-term financial viability.

Which companies will maintain their positions or emerge as leaders on the other side of this crisis? There are so many variables, from the industry and size of the business to the geographic region in which it operates.

Slamming on the brakes with your marketing or content development is an all-too-common reaction in an economic downturn, but we caution you—don’t do it!

It could leave you in a less competitive position. Experience tells us those B2C and B2B companies that stay the course with marketing during an economic downturn do better than those that don’t.

To maximize your virtual presence, now more than ever, B2C and B2B companies need to rely on strategic communications and the consistency of distributing digital content.

What follows are 3 of the many reasons to stay the course with your content marketing, along with 6 very practical questions to consider before you make any additional changes.

3 reasons to continue with content marketing during COVID-19.

Reason 1 – Content Marketing Takes a Long-Term Strategy

Content marketing is intended to be used as a long-term strategy. It isn’t expected to demonstrate ROI right away. The different types of content produced support customers across their buying journey as they plan for what’s next—and that still holds true today, when many people are researching and planning for the brighter days ahead. In fact, internet searches have increased by over 50% during this time of quarantine.

Reason 2 – Maintain Top-of-Mind Presence

Experience tells us that those brands that continue to invest in marketing communication during economic downturns find themselves on a stronger trajectory on the other side of the crisis. Consistency in communications matters. Plus, people are online more than ever now.

Developing content—whether it is a virtual webinar, a panel discussion or a white paper—signals you’re taking the time to educate and inspire others, which is still highly relevant today. Be mindful about the content, and certainly avoid aggressive selling, but do continue with content marketing that provides relevant information as people and businesses continue to plan for a new normal on the other side of the pandemic. Plus, the communication you produce signals your company’s stability, its commitment to customers and its agility in adapting to the changing times.

Reason 3 – Being Human Requires Engagement