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All that Glitters: The Role of Digital?

What is the role of Digital?

With the proliferation and high penetration of mobile devices, people are now more connected than ever before. Today, brand marketers have more channels – a mix of traditional and digital – to connect with their customers.

While it increasingly becoming part of the marketing mix, what really is the role of digital?

“Digital channels – social, video, text, mobile, web, eBooks, email –

offer a vehicle for communication. Communication of a brand’s promise and its messaging. Digital is not the message.”

–Carolyn Kopf

Don’t misunderstand me. Digital is an extremely effective channel for brands (B2B and B2C) to connect with buyers. Digital is a truly a critical element of the integrated communication mix – online and offline channels. And, of course, the consistency of the messages across these channels is a critical element ensuring success.

Brands That Create Influence Know That…

Digital is a channel that truly connects with buyers must start with understanding their customers and the different customer segments of their buyer base. All too often many marketers become distracted by digital as the destination and skip setting the necessary foundation needed for brand communications. Not having this foundation for one’s brand is the equivalent of ants marching through bourbon – meaning if a roadmap doesn’t exist, a brand’s communication will zig and zag in all directions – and without a clear direction – a brand can’t develop messaging that effectively engages with customers.

We agree whole heartedly with a recent statement made by Diageo’s CEO, Ivan Menezes,

“It is not about doing ‘digital marketing’, it is about

marketing effectively in a digital world.”

It’s simple, but brilliant.

Setting a Foundation for Brands to Sparkle

While all that glitters is not gold meaning the ability to create a stunningly beautiful website and integrated communications that engages customers – comes to life only when a brand sets a foundation for all the digital goodness.

So, what’s part of the foundation that will allow for marketing effectively in a digital wo