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Don’t Hire That Big Agency: How a Smaller Branding and Content Marketing Can Offer More.

There’s a trend gaining traction in which bigger B2B and B2C companies are turning to smaller marketing agencies, whether specialized market research firms, branding agencies or content marketing companies, for support and help with achieving their goals. What this underscores is that quality and expertise are what really matter. In a recent Forbes.com article, it was suggested, “Clients are missing out on some world-class talent because the smaller advertising agencies are not all on the radar of the major pitch consultants.”

“Clients are missing out on some world-class talent because the smaller advertising agencies are not all on the radar of the major pitch consultants.” - W. Burns, Forbes.com

Experience matters. While our award-winning talented market research experts and communication pros hail from the world’s top shops, we believe in the power of small – and we aren't the only ones. In the ‘20s, one of America’s largest advertising agencies presented its firm’s credentials to a potential client by stating, “If you give us your account, we will dedicate more than 50 copywriters to it.” The client’s response to that agency: “How about just one good one?”

Why Do You Want to Tap into the Power of a Small Marketing Agency, Market Research or Content Marketing Firm?

Reason #1: Most small agencies are independent and don’t report to a holding company.

When a small brand strategy agency doesn’t report to a holding company, the agency has the flexibility to truly put the needs of B2B companies first – over quotas, margins and rigid hourly rates. It allows a partnership to develop based on trust, flexibility and doing what is right – over what is driven by a P&L or expected by the holding or parent company. Note: The latter often leads to selling solutions that might not be necessary.

Reason #2: Small brand strategy agencies are gutsy.

Small agencies are willing to do what’s right and willing to make it happen – for your B2B company. After all, they started their own branding company or market research firm and do not work for a big agency, seek awards or watch the clock. They are willing to be resourceful and stretch a B2B company's dollar to make an initiative successful.

Reason #3: Small marketing agencies employ world-class, award-winning talent.

Not all world-class talent stays at large agencies. Furthermore, their level of skill and expertise means they do not need to hold traditional office jobs. A small market research firm or content marketing agency can tap into talent that has worked on world-class brands and at the leading agencies and brand consultancies – talent who now seek flexibility with where and how they work.

Reason #4: Small and large agencies assign the same size core teams.

No matter how many offices or employees a digital market agency, market research firm, or content creatio