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Customer Experience (CX): Is Your B2B Company Ready to Deliver on Customers’ Expectations?

Business-to-business companies will want to read, Digital Transformation: Top Three Priorities, it's an article that discusses how digital transformation is redefining B2B customer experiences and expectations, which is the new competitive battlefield for brands.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 86 percent of executives “strongly agree,” yet only 34 percent consider their organization “has the tools and skills to deliver superior customer experiences.”[1]

Why the B2B Customer Experience (CX) Matters

As a B2B brand strategy firm in Atlanta, we found the below stats compelling. These stats underscore the importance of investing in improving your B2B company's customer experience (CX):

Improved CX can grow revenue by five to 10 percent—and cost 15 to 20 percent less—over a span of three years.[2]

Three out of four people have spent more with a company because of a history of positive experiences.[3]

Customers talk about bad experiences. Ninety-five percent of customers tell others about a bad experience.[4]

Oracle’s CMO Corner reports that B2B brands lose approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service.[3] How much is your company losing to competitors who are investing in CX?

Is Your B2B Company Ready to Discover:

How to differentiate your B2B company through customer experience – and start thriving?

How to gain a strategic and competitive advantage with CX?

Three strategic imperatives for bridging the CX gap?

If you’re interested in supporting CX starting from the inside – with the heart of your brand – your people – let’s talk. Contact us today.

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