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Five Key B2B Website Design Elements

5 Website Design Trends

As a business-to-business company you need to refresh your B2B website, but thinking through what you need can seem daunting if you don’t redesign websites on a regular basis. Of course, you’ll start by tackling some of the basic questions, like what are the main business goals of the website? And who are the main users?

Your B2B company wants your B2B website design to look good, but it also needs a great user experience, meaning that it allows your website visitors to accomplish what they set out to do. B2B website design trends are ever evolving, but these five trends have taken hold, and we believe they’ll continue to into 2020 and beyond.

Trend 1: B2B Companies Use of Long Scrolling Sites + Parallax

With the adoption of mobile phones and the subsequent rise of mobile browsing, long scrolling sites have become increasingly popular. The smaller the screen size, the more scrolling is necessary and actually easier for the browser. Think about how much easier it is to scroll on your smart phone or Apple Watch than it is to move from page to page. In fact, the crown on the side of the Apple Watch was built specifically to help us easily scroll through apps and pages.

Moo.com, our favorite place to order business cards, has a long scrolling site.

Moo.com's long scrolling site.

Another reason B2B companies should adopt a long scrolling site is it supports brand storytelling. As B2B companies look to humanize their brands, storytelling has replaced copy-heavy websites. Brands use the modules or sections making up the long scroll to tell their story using visuals, graphics and copy. Plus, there are great features that support the long scroll, such as parallax.

If you aren’t familiar with parallax, it is when the website background moves more slowly than the foreground. It creates a 3D effect as you scroll, and allows you to layer your graphics, images and colors to create a compelling experience—one that ideally is designed to support telling your brand’s story.

Check out the home page of C.E.K. & Partners and its use of parallax.

Trend 2: B2B Companies Need High-Quality Visuals

No doubt about it, people are highly visual, as evidenced by the rise of Instagram and infographics. Moving away from a copy-heavy website to one using more visuals allows your B2B company to better connect with your audience. We understand not all projects can support the time or budgets associated with hiring a photographer.