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Discover the Key Steps Involved with Evolving Your Brand

At C.E.K. & Partners, an Atlanta-based B2B full-service branding agency, we help companies to evolve their brand in order to gain a competitive advantage and reap the benefits of building positive customer relationships, improving loyalty, and boosting top line growth.

Creating and maintaining a strong brand that is contemporary, relevant and connects with customers takes time and expertise, but if you don't plan to do so, know that your competitors will.

You're thinking about evolving your brand, but you aren't sure you need to. If you answer "no" to any of the below questions, it's time to rebrand or refresh your brand!

  • Are you staying current with the changing attitudes and behaviors of your customers?

  • Can you clearly articulate how your brand is “special, better and different” from your competitors?

  • Can you effectively appeal to new market sectors, new customer groups or introduce a completely new offering with your existing brand?

  • Is the look, feel and tone of your brand current and modern?

  • Do you have a brand story and messaging to effectively connect and engage with your audience?

  • Did you update your brand’s positioning and brand story after a merger/acquisition?

Committing to evolving the brand can be challenging, and it isn’t recommended for those who are looking for a quick fix or creative changes to an ad template, a trade show booth or just a website home page. Evolving your brand is an undertaking for those seeking to accelerate business growth based on starting with crystalizing a clear brand vision. Those who have set aside the time and resources to support doing so will reap the rewards and competitive advantages.

“Evolving your brand is an undertaking for those seriously looking to accelerate business growth based on holding or looking to crystalize a clear brand vision. Those who have set aside the time and resources to support doing so will reap the rewards and competitive advantages.”

We know change is exciting and often feels wrought with unknowns, but it is an investment that takes planning and strategic thinking—with an experienced branding agency. It entails making informed and deliberate decisions based on data, as opposed to emotion-based decisions or opinions.

One of the brands we strategically repositioned provided the company a platform for accelerating growth to become one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. Recently, they were purchased for just shy of $100M.

Start planning for your rebrand and brand refresh by downloading our guide today. Get your guide now by clicking here!

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C.E.K. & Partners is a branding firm the world's leading brands depend on for brand building. Building a brand is an investment that requires energy and expertise – that’s why we’re here to help.

Contact us at carolyn@cekpartners.com or +1.404.345.6447.

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