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Content Creation: Are You Creating the Right Pieces?

Content Creation Is Hard!

As a content creation agency, please know, you’re not alone – content creation and content marketing is an ongoing struggle for most brands.

A recent Forrester Research study found “B2B content marketers are not only struggling mightily to produce content, but they are also woefully lacking in the ability to create content that resonates with their core audience as well.”

In fact, 87 percent of the marketers surveyed in their poll “find producing content that engages buyers to be a major challenge.”

“B2B content marketers are not only struggling mightily to produce content, but they are also woefully lacking in the ability to create content that resonates with their core audience as well.”

Organizations often lack a content creation process and that includes a content strategy. They run out of topics or underestimate the volume of content needed – along with the amount of time needed to produce consistent, high-quality, strategically on point communications. When leveraged right, content is a valuable asset that contributes to building a brand since it holds the potential to emotionally connect an organization with its customer and thereby drive demand and propel business growth.

Do You Have the Right Content Creation Team?

The number one mistake is not hiring a content creation agency and thinking a copywriter or a junior marketing associate can handle your content creation process. Sure, they might be great with creating one type of content, but B2B content marketing supporting a B2B company needs to range from brand level stories to blog posts and social media.

A content creation agency offers a team of diverse writers capable of handling a range of writing needs, from high-level brand stories focused on storytelling to writers supporting the development of ebooks or product guides, and from industry-specific writers – those writing for financial services, health care, manufacturing or purpose-driven brands – to those focused on content establishing thought leadership. There should also be writers experienced with handling video scripts and website copy. Each type of content requires a special skill with an understanding of the medium.

Where should brands start planning for sureationccess with content c?

-Capture and leverage customer insights to drive content themes

-Develop personas and map your customer’s journey

-Develop a content creation process that includes strategy

-Ensure the right team with diverse skills is ready to support content creation

-Identify who internally – person, department or team – is responsible for content creation or management of your content creation agency

-How will content meet the needs across the different stages of the journey? Is there a specific call-to-action (CTA)?

Are you ready to put together your content strategy or engage with an Atlanta content creation agency? We can be reached at carolyn@cekpartners.com or +1.404.345.6447.

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C.E.K. & Partners is an Atlanta B2B brand strategy and content creation agency. We handle content marketing and establishing thought leadership for brands across payments, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.

Clients depend on us when they seek to capture data and insights through market research, develop a brand strategy, establish thought leadership and handle content creation to support their digital marketing communications. We develop work that helps build awareness and drive demand in order to accelerate business growth. .

The content creation process and marketing requires expertise – that’s why we’re here to help to B2B companies. We can be reached at carolyn@cekpartners.com or +1.404.345.6447.

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