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Website Design: 12 Content Creation Considerations for Your B2B Company's Redesign

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Business-to-business (B2B) companies count on their website to act as their organization’s digital front door. It is exactly why organizations must have a content creation process in place to maintain a website with high-quality and fresh content.

This can be struggle for many B2B companies. Whether you need to refresh your website’s content or are planning to completely overhaul your B2B website, what follows are some core elements to consider as you set about the task of content creation.

12 considerations for content creation for a B2B company's website refresh or redesign:

1. What is the role of your B2B company's website?

What is the purpose of your website? Are you looking to share relevant information as your B2B buyers seek to learn about your services and solutions? Or will your website need to be designed to capture qualified leads for the B2B sales team’s pipeline? Will your website be designed to support online sales?

For example, one objective of the Salesforce.com website is to have prospective customers sign up for a free trial.

Why it matters:

The role of your B2B company's website will affect its structure, overall design and resources needed to support the required technologies.

2. Keep the content relevant.

Understanding who will be visiting your website and what they want to do on your site will ensure the creation of highly relevant content. For example, a fintech communicating to small business owners (SMBs) will have different content needs than a healthtech company creating content for biomedical engineers.

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