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Purpose-Driven Brands: Why Should B2B Brands Explore Having a Purpose?

Harvard Business Review defines purpose as:

“An aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organization and its partners and stakeholders and provides benefit to local and global society.”

At C.E.K. & Partners, an Atlanta-based branding, strategic communications and market research firm, we know brands with a powerful purpose connect with people’s hearts. And while building a purpose-driven brand might seem simple, it requires integrating a shared larger purpose into the way your company does business. It isn’t just about brands communicating their purpose, but rather living their purpose as reflected by their values and actions.

Why should B2B brands consider finding their purpose?

B2B brands often might think that marketing and messaging don’t help the bottom line of the company quite as well as the sales team’s efforts. However, this is not true! Uncovering your brand's purpose can be very valuable since far too often there's a myth that B2B transactions are made based on sales and statistics.

Behind every purchasing decision are people. Traditional views that feature large buyers as being impartial actors are increasingly being challenged. Professionals have values, and they don’t leave them at the door when they enter the workplace!

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3 reasons why your brand might benefit from having a clear purpose and well defined purpose statement

1 | Customers make decisions based on their values.

There’s a growing belief that companies should make a difference. In fact, 88% of people want brands to make a positive difference to the world. [1] And, 71 % of B2B buyers who see personal value reflected in a product will purchase that product. [2]

It is not purely the specifications of your product that your sales executives will be leveraging, but the purpose that your brand is able to convey. Doing so will ensure you make a strong appeal and more meaningful connection to your customers and a likelihood these are increasingly millennials.

Stats about % of people and buyers who want brands to make a positive difference.