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Brand Purpose: Does Your Brand Need a Soul?

Brand purpose answers the fundamental question of WHY a brand exists. The purpose extends beyond a B2B brand's profits. It provides a soul.

A B2B brand may claim to make the best payments solution or skincare line, but at its heart, what is the true purpose beyond selling products and services? At C.E.K. & Partners, an Atlanta-based B2B branding and strategy agency, we counsel B2B brands on purpose to help make their brands remarkable.

B2B brands with purpose resonate with customers and the marketplace in a meaningful and memorable way. It offers a story, and brands with a story far exceed those without one. A purpose can be focused on sustainability, giving back to a local community or in the case of Dove, a brand we are all familiar, “Make women aware they have real beauty, beauty not based on common standards or stereotypes.”

Companies with a purpose are more successful since they aren’t singularly focused on profits; rather they mobilize people and resources. ​The same applies to B2B brands with purpose.

Articulating a brand’s WHY acts as a foundational framework to support its vision, internal training, and strategic decisions around growth and other initiatives. It offers a platform for communicating the company’s reason for being to partners and external stakeholders. Internally it serves to energize the team responsible for marketing and selling it.

Three Questions to Ask When Identifying a B2B Brand’s Purpose

We conduct market research and brand strategy workshops to help companies and brands find their WHY, but here a few questions to get you thinking deeper:

Why does your B2B brand exist?

What change does your B2B brand seek to inspire?

How will your WHY will you B2B brand make difference beyond selling your products?

"I think if the people who work for a business are proud of the business they work for, they’ll work that much harder, and therefore, I think turning your business into a real force for good is good business sense as well."

– Richard Branson, Virgin

Once you have the essence of your B2B brand’s purpose, it's WHY, what’s next?

Articulate a Purpose Statement:

Once you’ve gone through a discovery phase that includes leveraging market research techniques allowing you to identify your brand’s unique WHY, articulate it with a purpose statement. A B2B purpose statement should be high-level enough and timeless, allowing your portfolio to evolve over time.

Formulate a Brand Narrative:

The purpose statement should be translated into a robust narrative that illuminates the meaning and brings the purpose statement to life in a way that is easy for everyone (internally and externally) to understand and embrace.

Communicate Internally:

As your strongest brand advocates, your employees should be introduced to your B2B brand’s purpose and corresponding statement before it is shared outside the organization.

Craft a Vision Statement:

A carefully crafted B2B brand's vision statement is at the heart of every successful business. If you have your WHY, but don’t already have a vision statement, take the time to do the work to write one. It will translate your brand purpose into a concrete vision for the future, the future of your business.

We’re a woman-owned business, and we’re here to help—even if it is just scheduling time for a virtual cup of coffee to break up the isolation of today's circumstances. Contact us today.

Our team’s collective experience spans leading over 1,000 brands from start-ups to non-profits to Fortune 500 companies! We’re passionate about delivering strategic insights that transform brands and help them identify their purpose.

Clients across a range of industries—fintech, technology, banks, payments, financial services, health care, manufacturing and purpose-driven—benefit from our team's ability to mine data and extract gems from market research to find insights that matter.

Are you ready to articulate your WHY? If so, contact us to learn more about our market research and strategy services. We can be reached at

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