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Five Proven Steps for Successful B2B Content Marketing

A diverse group of women and men in a planning meeting.
A diverse group of professionals meeting.

When it comes to business to business brands, content continues to be king, and as marketers adapt to the landscape 2020 has presented, our content marketing agency based in Atlanta finds B2B companies large and small – across healthcare, payments, fintech, manufacturing and more – are seeking counsel on a proven process for developing B2B content marketing that supports their efforts across thought leadership, sales and customer communications.

The primary myth is the perception that producing quality content marketing assets is easy and quick. Don’t be fooled! It takes planning to produce content that connects with the intended reader.

Here’s a peek at the steps we follow for business to business brands from planning and writing to distribution of content.

Step 1. Planning & Discovery: How should companies should undertake planning to support content development?

Ask: Why are you creating content and who will be reading it?

It may seem fundamental, but it is important and often overlooked that the work your content agency is developing should support your business goals and content marketing objectives. Are you clear on why you’re creating the content, who you want to read it and what you want them to do upon reading it?

Here are several strategic reasons our content agency develops work for business to business companies:

1. Establish thought leadership

2. Refresh/update marketing collateral to support an acquisition

3. Drive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings

4. Build awareness (e.g., a product launch or market entry expansion)

5. Support business to business sales lead generation

6. Engage existing customers

7. Launch or refresh copy for B2B companies' websites