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4 Reasons B2B Companies Should Consider a Virtual Agency – Especially During These Uncertain Times

Modern open office space with four professionals
Four agency team members meeting in a modern open agency office.

For business-to-business companies, a virtual agency offers expertise, flexibility and value.

As a B2B marketing agency in Atlanta, we’re extremely grateful for first responders on the frontlines who help us stay safe and healthy, and also for those who are swiftly adjusting to new working conditions, whether remote or some other creative way—all in the spirit of allowing people to have access to the most fundamental and basic needs.

At a dizzying pace, the world has had to adopt virtual tools to keep moving forward. At C.E.K. & Partners, an Atlanta-based B2B brand building firm, for over ten years we’ve had the tools and processes in place to support our team working virtually—everything from secure cloud data storage, file sharing and collaboration tools to time tracking. These tools, along with strong governance and policies, have allowed us to build a culture of inclusivity while servicing our clients around the world—whether they’re in Atlanta, London, Sydney, Shanghai, Toronto or New York.

We know that whether it’s during good times or uncertain ones like today, hiring a virtual brand building and B2B content marketing agency means everyone benefits—clients, employees and the agency.

Many wonder, how does work get done at a virtual agency serving B2B companies? The same way it gets done when a company has a central HQ location.

As you consider your next B2B brand strategy partner, you should consider the advantages offered by the virtual agency model that can support your team during uncertain times, as well as over the longer term.

Here are 4 advantages offered by a virtual agency offering marketing research, brand strategy and content creation services to business-to-business companies:

Advantage #1: Tapping into Expertise

Virtual B2B brand strategy agencies can thoughtfully build a team of experts brands need to achieve results— across disciplines such as market research, brand strategy, content marketing and creative design. There’s access to a wider talent pool, the right talent, that isn’t limited by location.

This means tapping into dedicated experts versus a preassigned team that may be stretching to handle areas beyond their skills or knowledge. In other words, your healthcare marketing initiative will be supported by a copywriter or brand strategist with deep healthcare industry experience and not by a fintech writer or vice versa.

We’ve done this so well with our market research, strategy and content creation services that C.E.K. & Partners has been dubbed, “The fintech/payments industry’s favorite B2B content marketing agency based in Atlanta.”

We believe expertise leads to superior outcomes. It’s exactly why we provide B2B companies with the expertise that matches their needs (instead of preassigned or junior team members).