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Branding vs. Positioning – What Does your B2B Brand Need to Drive Revenue?

Branding vs. Positioning. Mapping the difference.

As an Atlanta-based B2B brand strategy a firm, organizations contact C.E.K. & Partners to handle a rebrand after a B2B company completes a merger/acquisition or to fix a brand strategy that a larger agency had its junior team members lead. We also build and launch new brands for existing B2B brands seeking to launch into new market segments. In these scenarios we frequently find ourselves defining and explaining the relationship between branding and positioning.

Most Common B2B Brand Strategy Questions We Answer:

What is branding or brand building vs. brand positioning?

What is the relationship between branding and positioning?

Which one do I need or do I need both?

Because these terms – branding and positioning – often are used interchangeably it means sometimes clients ask us to handle a brand refresh (aka new brand look and feel) when really the company is seeking a new positioning.

Here are some simple explanations to help provide clarity.

WHAT IS BRANDING? It’s a promise and an experience.

The B2B brand’s promise and the experience it delivers is what creates loyal customers, ultimately, positively impacting a company’s revenue. While many may perceive branding as a cost center, the ultimate price a company pays in not investing in creating a well-developed brand.

Creating a B2B Identity

One aspect of B2B branding is indeed about creating a symbol, a mark – a logo – an identity representing a company, but it is more than that.

Establishing Foundation B2B Brand Elements

It’s about actually creating the look and feel to establish a company’s presence, along with defining its values, beliefs and key attributes. In other words – its essence and personality. It is about “WHO” the brand is and “WHY” the B2B brand exists (aka its purpose). (Read more about why B2B's need a purpose) It is about B2B customers emotionally and rationally connecting to it. It’s about creating a consistent brand experience across the B2B customer buying journey .