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Lucky 13! CreatingContent. What Do I Use + When?

Lucky 13 – it’s the average number of content marketing tactics used by B2B companies.[1]

Our Atlanta-based firm, offers market research, brand strategy and content creation. Our team has consulting and handled work for over 500 brands. It's why a senior content manager at a category-leading B2B brand recently asked our team for a POV on content creation. More specifically, which type of content to use and when.

As the graph below, “B2B Content Marketing Tactic Usage,” shows, the average number of marketing tactics used by B2B companies is a whopping 13!

Based on the number 13’s association with fear, it’s not surprising to the team at C.E.K. & Partners that this chart feels overwhelming to so many leaders responsible for the content creation process and identifying which type to use! So if you need help with make those decisions, read on.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

So Which Type of Content Should I Use and When?

Content Usage Across the Sales Cycle (Source: Eccolo Media)

Source: Eccolo Research Study

As the above graph from Eccolo Research shows, it’s best to understand the customer journey allowing the right content to be served up at the right time across the B2B sales cycle.