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Planning for Market Research? Here are 10 Tips for How to Write an Effective Online Survey.

We're a woman-owned market research firm in Atlanta. Every day we counsel brands from privately owned companies to start-ups and billion dollar multi-nationals on market research study design. Collecting data using a quantitative online survey has been a go-to for many of our clients, B2B brands, whether for a brand tracking study, annual customer satisfaction/NPS, or understanding a new market segment and its customers—just to name a few.

While we work on market research studies day in and day out, we recognize that most managing B2B brands don’t and that best practices might be helpful for the planning stages.

Since the insights captured are only as good as the survey design, here are a few tips to ensure success with gathering the right data and insights with your next market research study!

1. Identify your learning objective for the research.

Having clear learning objectives ensures that the data captured will support your survey’s goals. Having these goals guides and helps prioritize the questions that are developed. It also provides guardrails for limiting the addition of just one more question (a common refrain we hear)!

Here’s an example learning objective:

The Brand Attitude, Awareness, and Usage (AAU) study will provide customer insights and quantify market awareness, the general attitude toward the brand and usage of it, along with perceptions around its competitors.

List of types of questions market research can answer.
Image about types of questions market research can answer.

2. Include an incentive for research participants.

Depending on the size of the universe you’re tapping into (e.g., a customer list of 1,000 or 290,000), incentives help to ensure strong response and completion rates. Incentives should reflect the time asked of the participant, as well as their title or level.

Here are two examples of potential incentives: One is to offer participants entry into a draw